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October 27, 2015

Pagefow Update 0.9.0

Within the last days we have installed an update and provided Pageflow with 5 new functions:

Copy stories 

Simply duplicate stories within each entry page. That might be useful to create templates, when you want to have different versions with only a few variations or translations.

Fade in text after delay

Define whether text and gradient of a page should appear with a delay. Users will first see the background image, then title, tagline and subtitle until finally the content text will be displayed.

Late_FadeFade-in delay effect

Audio Atmo

This feature lets you add background audio to every page regardless of its page type. You can define if a sound should play only for one page or continue playing for more pages without interruption. Simply select the same atmo audio file for some adjacent pages.
That way chapters can be seperated acoustically and pages that belong together can be weaved to a stronger unit. You find the atmo settings on the „Options“ tab of each page.

Auto-scroll at the end of videos

On the „Options“ tab you can activate auto-scrolling to the next page at the end of a video. This can be useful to create a seamless transition.

New transition effects

Previously there were two two different effects, which are visible when the user scrolls or swipe to the next page: cross-fade or scrolling. From now on you can lead users horizontal to the next page as well and also use a “blackout” as transition effect.

To try out these new features login here. If you have any questions or if problems occur, while you are working with Pageflow, please feel free to contact us at our support forum.