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The Idea behind Pageflow

Pageflow is an open source software and publishing platform for Visual Storytelling, jointly developed with the West German Broadcasting Corporation „WDR“. The aim was to design a storytelling tool for digital journalists, that empowers anyone to transform video content, images, audio and text into immersive visual stories and digital reports in full screen.

Pageflow meanwhile is increasingly used for corporate publishing and allows online journalists and storytellers to apply a growing number of interactive storytelling elements, such as 360° videos, hotspots, charts and maps in multiple storylines.


Simply interweave text with audio, images, videos & data into compelling web reports. Pageflow provides 13 modules and a bunch of features to create and publish interactive multimedia stories and audio visual content with ease.


Pageflow quickly adapts to any screen size and device. All features enhance a mobile-friendly performance and therefore provide a fluent and congruent user experience across all modern platforms.


An integrated user management allows editorial teams to easily work together. Different roles and rights can be assigned for admins and editors to enable a simple management of multi-user accounts.


Pageflow was launched and released in 2014 as an open source software under MIT license. Anyone can use the source code to setup own instances. We highly appreciate your questions and contributions on GitHub.


In Detail


The modular structure of Pageflow allows a continuous adding of new types of pages and features.


Upload pictures, videos and audio files directly with ease. Files are automatically encoded into the correct formats. More about encoding?


The Pageflow-editor provides a live preview (WYSIWYG) and is easy to handle, even for users with little technical know-how.


Every client has an integrated user administration and can choose the front-end theme.


The no-frills design and the use of HTML5 instead of Flash, makes it possible to view the reports on almost all modern devices.


The main aim of Pageflow is to merge various multimedia elements. In combination with its full screen format, it gives you a great storytelling experience.

In Practice


Open Source

The source code of Pageflow is available under an MIT license via GitHub. Anyone can view, download and contribute to it.


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