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Bring Your Story To Life

Pageflow is multimedia storytelling made easy. Simply upload all your digital formats and content and start building interactive web stories intuitively. Edit everything inline and publish to any platform in seconds.


Make your point with Pageflow and bring together cross-media content fluidly and coherently. On a single page. For every audience. Always stunningly good-looking.

Automated Media-Management

1. Upload your files

Pageflow automatically optimizes most audio, video and image files (incl. 360°) for all bandwidths and devices. Video can also be embedded via Vimeo and Youtube.

WYSIWYG Storytelling

2. Build your story

Start creating while Pageflow processes your uploads. Our inline editor allows you to arrange and format your content freely, while keeping a constant eye on all changes.

Professional Publishing

3. Reach your audience

Choose one of our plans when you’re ready to publish – it’s as fast as lightning and always on time via high-performance servers to our CDNs, then straight to the screens of your readers.

More for everyone: Pageflow Next.

Pageflow is now available in two versions, giving you even more possibilities to turn digital content into multimedia experiences. Elevate your storytelling to a higher level with Pageflow Next:

  • More content: unlimited elements per section
  • More focus: intelligent content placement
  • More readability: dynamic contrast-tools for text
  • More depth: state-of-the-art scrolling effects
  • More mobile: advanced portrait-mode functions

Coded and hosted in Germany. Popular around the world.

Pageflow is used around the world for quality digital journalism. Thanks to fair plans, it’s also ideal for private projects, product presentations, data stories, even documentation or theses - you name it, we can do it. Try Pageflow for free for as long as you like. You only need to choose a plan that suits you when you’re ready to publish.


For every question there’s an answer:

Pageflow is content management and digital publishing in one. It lives in the cloud and helps you create image-rich websites with multimedia content in no time. Simply drag 'n drop your photos, audio and videos into our inline editor and combine them with text content, infographics or video embeds. Once your story is set, it only takes seconds to publish it worldwide. Our hosting service guarantees great performance, even on smartphones.
There are all kinds of applications: Pageflow is used for multimedia reports, online magazines, digital newsletters, annual reports, virtual award ceremonies, event documentation, longreads, product presentations, virtual tours, e-learning, data stories, travel reports, theses, online applications and any other ideas you’ve got. Try Pageflow now, free of charge for an unlimited time.
Pageflow has an integrated media management system that can process all common audio, video and image formats (incl. 360°). After upload, files are automatically converted to various quality grades and target formats to ensure the best experience depending on the connection speed and device. In addition to your own media, you can also integrate videos from Vimeo and Youtube, as well as interactive charts from Datawrapper.
Pageflow is responsive and seamlessly adapts to all screen sizes. Background images and videos are always displayed in full-screen. Text is automatically scaled for cross-platform readability. Various features ensure maximum readability on all devices. You can define the part of an image or video to be shown in portrait format on smartphones and determine which part is visible before it is overlaid by text. Read more about it in this blog post.
Software for creating websites cannot be accessible in itself. But the results can be: Use simple language, clear images and more contrast to make texts easily readable. Pageflow provides you with more tools that make a page as accessible as possible, such as alternative texts for images, audio and videos, text tracks as sound substitutes, image substitutes or translations in any number of languages. Furthermore, all elements and features are optimized for navigation via keyboard control and screen readers.
Protection of your audiences’ data is enormously important to us. Pageflow is GDPR-compliant and only sets cookies when external services are integrated. As soon as tracking tools, embeds from Vimeo, Youtube or Datawrapper are used, a corresponding consent dialogue appears. Before active consent is given, no data is collected apart from the necessary server log files. The data protection settings can also be adjusted at any time via the Privacy Page.
Starting with the STANDARD plan, you can use your logo in the header and your own color scheme to customize the look and feel of your branding. These settings are applied to all posts in your account. You can also choose from different font templates. The BUSINESS plan includes the use of a custom font and full white labeling. A custom theme with further customization is included in the PREMIUM plan. So, if you would like to use Pageflow on a larger scale for your brand or organization, please contact us to arrange additional integration and customization.
With our plans, we offer the right solution for a range of requirements and budgets from PERSONAL to PREMIUM. After creating your story in the free trial, you decide for yourself whether a basic plan is enough for you or whether you want to invite your entire editorial team and give them unlimited publications and traffic. In addition to the 20 user accounts in the PREMIUM plan, we also offer multi-user solutions for universities with an unlimited number of user accounts. There are no upper limits.
It all started with groundbreaking digital journalism: "Snowfall" (2012) and "Firestorm" (2013). This got WDR’s innovation team thinking about a reusable solution to drive the discipline forward, which was new and fresh at the time. The goal was to make elaborate multimedia stories feasible for smaller teams. The result was Pageflow, an open source software and publishing platform for multimedia storytelling, which was introduced at Re:Publica 2014. Shortly afterwards, WDR won the Grimme Online Award with "Pop auf'm Dorf". Since then, Pageflow has been used to tell thousands of stories, train hundreds of journalists and win countless awards.