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January 30, 2018

Update for Hosted Pageflow

We are happy to announce another update for Hosted Pageflow, containing new font templates and a Google Tag Manager integration. Furthermore we’ve installed a more detailed user management for accounts with multiple users.

2 New Font Templates for Hosted Pageflow

With “Apex“ and “Jakarta“ Hosted Pageflow’s font selection grows to 6 different templates in total. Unlike the recent release of “Arctic“ and “Desert“, themes with larger fonts in general, we now focussed on typefaces with bold title sections. Choose your font for each story via “Title & Options“ —> “Appearance“ —> “Theme“.


Track Like a Pro

Pageflow professionals, who use a tracking pixel (from the Pro plan) to analyse their readers’ behaviour can now apply Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Hosted Pageflow as well. Besides general analytics figures like Sessions, Page Views or Avg. Session Duration, GTM allows you to configure special parameters for deeper insights into e.g. Button Clicks, Page Changes or Media Events. More information about how to set up Pageflow-specific triggers for GTM can be found in our helpdesk.


New Roles & Rights in User Management

For accounts with multiple users Pageflow now offers a more detailed user management. Account managers can provide their users with specific roles and rights for every single entry:

Previewers can preview entries.
Editors can additionally edit entries.
Publishers can additionally publish entries.
Managers can additionally set user roles on each entry and edit them.


Configure your Teaser Buttons

Not a big deal, but worth mentioning: As from now it is possible to individually label the “Start Pageflow“ button of each story’s iframe teaser. To configure your buttons just click on “Title & Options“ —> “Appearance“ and choose a title thats fits your story type. For instance: “Start Report“, “Click here“ or “Read Magazine“