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12th March, 2023

🗞️ News Roundup

2023 | NO.1

Welcome to our latest news roundup on Pageflow, the multimedia storytelling and digital publishing platform! Today we're excited to introduce five new features that give you even more control over the design and tracking of your Pageflow Next stories.

March 10th, 2023

Pageflow Next | Mobile Background Videos 🎥

This new feature allows you to upload a mobile version of your video as an alternative to the desktop version, ensuring that your video looks great on any device.

February 24th, 2023

Pageflow Next | Hyphen Feature ✨

Say goodbye to the frustration of awkward line breaks in your words. With the option to manually set line breaks and soft hyphens, you can ensure that your text - especially as title and headline - is displayed perfectly on any device.

10th February, 2023

Pageflow Next | Standalone Quotes Element 📢

Besides the existing option to display a text block as a quote, we have now added a standalone quote content element.

Just click on the plus-icon to add a quote and determine its size, color, position and alignement within the settings.

Team Pageflow

January 20th, 2023

Plausible Analytics | Early Access 📈

Get valuable insights into your website's performance while still protecting your audience's privacy. With Plausible, we found a beautifully GDPR-friendly analytics service that is tested now as an inbuilt monitoring feature for you.

Apply for early access and take the first step in responsible website tracking here:


9th January, 2023

Pageflow Next | Video Playback Options 📽️

Shall a video start on click, automatically, or play as a loop? Shall a click on the video unmute all media, or even lead to a start from the beginning? You decide!