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Early Access

Creating new features is always best when you do it together with people who start putting them to work right away.

Help us shape new ideas, provide feedback and be the first to try.

A note to our German-speaking customers: We've decided to build this page and the waitlist forms in English only. This makes our life easier and takes into account our international customers.

Feel free to use German when filling in the forms. We'll be happy to continue the conversation in our common native language once an early access program starts.

Customizable Footer ✍️

Pageflow now supports displaying a footer component at the bottom of your stories. The rendered list of links can be edited from the theme settings. We intend to make the footer available for all account, but are currently still figuring out what exactly it should look like by default. Join the early access to have a say.

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Permalinks 📂

Get more control over the structure of your permalinks using a system of folders and subfolders. Group stories by location, type, or category to make your permalinks more expressive. The list of available directories can be customized to your needs.

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Editor Comments/Reviews 💬

Proofreading your colleagues work? Collaborating on a story to get it ready for publication? We would like to see a way to comment on sections or content elements right from the editor or a similar preview mode. Mark comments as done once a question is resolved.

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Anything else?

Let us know about features you desperately need. What million dollar idea have we simply been missing so far? This is your form. No promises, though.

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Once we decide to build a feature, we reach out to all or some of the contacts on the waitlist. We might ask for your feedback on early sketches and designs. Once a first version of the feature is ready, we make it available in your account so you can start using it in your entries.
We don't know yet. Maybe never. The waitlists let us gauge interest and collect early input on ideas that are floating around. While we would like to see most of the things on the list built, there is no commitment or timeline at this stage.
Yes. Depending on the current stage of the development process, things might still break or be incomplete. We'll let you know once a feature is ready for prime time.
Yes. We want to build things that our customers love. We therefore need feedback from people who already know and use Pageflow. Trial accounts are not eligable for the early access program.
No. Feel free to change your mind anytime.