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July 7th, 2022 | #ReleaseDay #PageflowNext

Hooray! Here To Stay: Pageflow Next

Hi there!

In recent months, we enhanced Pageflow with an entirely new way to bring multimedia content together on a single page, taking your storytelling to the next level.

After a successfully closed beta phase, we're happy to provide all of you now with this future-proof web story format. Due to all the feedback we have received so far, we can promise:

Pageflow Next is a pure reading pleasure on large screens and smartphones equally.

We like to describe the new story generation in four simple words: Less page, more flow. Because Pageflow Next includes many new features that make your web stories look and feel more modern and versatile.

And it's never been easier to optimize multimedia content across platforms, as new tools have significantly improved Pageflow's smartphone and desktop appearance. The key features are:

  • a new inline editor that simplifies the workflow and allows editing directly in the preview window
  • a new concept of sections that you can fill with any number of content elements and text blocks
  • new mobile features, such as the mobile preview and mobile images that make stories even more vivid on smartphones
  • a new autoplay mechanism, allowing audios and videos with sound to start automatically on all browsers and devices
  • new desktop features that enable using the entire width of a screen for the arrangement of content elements
  • an intelligent motif area selection that guarantees that text only overlays a motif if desired
  • and a dynamic shadow effect that brings motifs on stage while ensuring perfect text readability.

Pageflow Next brings together the best ideas for creating captivating cross-platform web stories in the shortest possible time, without knowing a single line of code. We want to give you a first insight into the new possibilities in the following demo. Please click and scroll through the iframe embed:

For a full screen version klick here

New Website and Backend Rebrush

Along with the release, we also launched a new website and rebrushed the backend to match the new Pageflow design. We hope you like the new look - here's a quick taste:

PAgeflow NExt Examples

Already in Use

So far, the new entry type has not only been used by German broadcasters WDR, SWR and MDR but also by the participants of our closed beta. We're happy that hundreds of users helped us fine-tune, debug and round up our new web story format. To name a few great examples that our users created during the beta phase:

How To Get started

A short introduction to building web stories with Pageflow Next

  • Click Create Story in the dashboard
  • Select the new entry type Pageflow Next
  • Enter a title and confirm the creation of the entry

  • Open the editor
  • Create a new chapter and section
  • Drag and drop media to upload
  • Click in the text field to enter text
  • Click on the + symbol to insert content


Curious? Start now with your first Next-Story.

New pricing model

In the course of the launch we have also introduced a new and more transparent pricing model. But don't worry; Nothing changes if you want to continue publishing with the classic version. Your previous plan will remain with the exact scope of services.

The new plans scale according to features, the number of user accounts, and design adjustments, since the new system makes it easier to implement custom fonts and create individual themes tailored to your brand's or client's corporate design needs.