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October 26, 2016

Wanted for the frontend: Translations!

So far Pageflow’s frontend can be displayed in 8 languages. We’d like to enable further languages and are searching for contributors, translating 69 hints, like „Scroll down to continue“, „Chapter“ or „Volume“. Of course we will offer a reward for the effort:

For each complete translation we give away a one-year „Run“ plan in return, free to use for 12 months. If you know someone, who might be able to support us with this issue, feel free to share our request.


All “Left-To-Right” languages in this world are welcome. Serbian and Greek are in progress already.
#Update: Spanish is completed now as well.

You can see the translation project and the desired translations here. To add a new language, please register on „GitHub“ for the free plan. You can get in touch with us via support(at)

Thanks for your attention!