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May 5, 2017

Prize-winning | Digital Storytelling with Pageflow

We are happy to announce that a Pageflow story by Deutsche Welle has won two medals at New York Festivals 2017. “Saigas in distress – The mystery of the dead antelopes” won a “Gold World Medal” in the category “Online Educational Program” and a “Silver World Medal” as an “Online Special Event”. Congratulations to Inga Sieg and her team from Global Ideas!

Their multimedia report is one of the most elaborate productions with Pageflow so far. It is rich in imagery, video and audio interviews, compelling time-lapses and uses drone footage.

About the story
“In May 2015, the terrible news broke: More than 200,000 saiga antelopes had died on the vast Kazakh steppe. The reason was unclear. But whatever it was, it wiped out 90 percent of the population. It was a catastrophe for a species already threatened with extinction through poaching. First, the animals get diarrhea. Then foam seeps from their noses and mouths. They begin to stagger, their legs buckle. In the end, they lie on the ground and suffocate. Death arrives just a few hours after symptoms first appear.”


Nominations for “Grimme Online Award 2017”

Besides this great success, we are delighted that two Pageflow stories by German broadcasters WDR3 and hr2kultur were nominated for one of the most renowned online awards for digital publishing in Germany.

“Erwin Hapke – der Weltenfalter” invites us on an immersive trip through the abandoned house of a biologist, who folded and archived thousands of insects, crabs and further curiosities from paper and metal sheets in the course of 35 years.

“Die mit den Händen tanzt” lets us explore a sign-language interpreter’s profession. Notably, she translates not only speech, but also music and concerts.

Due to these great stories and a smart use of Pageflow, our storytelling software is part of the Grimme Online Awards nominations for the fourth time in a row!