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April 15, 2017

10 ways to scroll | Tools for Visual Storytelling

In order to transform text, audios, videos and images into a visually compelling story, Pageflow provides a bunch of tools that can be applied on top of your visual storytelling piece: Background audio looping seamlessly between multiple pages, autoplay for videos and audios, fade in delay for text and interactive tools for non-linear narratives with multiple storylines.

In this article we highlight the possibilities of Pageflow’s transition effects, because we believe that choosing the right transition between pages can enhance visual impact in digital storytelling.

Combining page transitions can be useful to emphasize new chapters, breaks or changing settings. For instance: “Fade to white” when morning has come. “Scroll over from right” when a target on your hotspot map aims east, set “Parallax” to animate a title image of your text page. Make “Cuts” for high velocity. We have created an example, in which we applied the following scroll effects:

| Fade
| Crossfade
| Fade to black/white
| Cut
| Scroll
| Scroll from left
| Scroll from right
| Scroll over from left
| Scroll over from right
| Parallax scroll (text page)

Scroll through this demo to see the effects of different page transitions. You can use the navigation bar as well, to jump from one effect to another. Each transition effect is applied on the certain page – no matter if you scroll onto or leave it.


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How to apply page transitions
Login to your story and choose a page. You will find the “Options” tab in every page you work on.


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