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September 6, 2016

New Navigation Bar and Player Controls

With this update Pageflow features a new navigation bar and another set of player controls for video, audio, before/after and 360 panoramic images, which extends the former appearance with fresh frontend elements. We’ve not only redesigned our website, a new backend layout comes with this update as well.


Two additional functions were optimized since the last update: Hosted Pageflow stories are now automatically encrypted with SSL and can be viewed https; the social sharing functions have been improved, too. You can now configure the target page of the share button under “Title & Options” –> “Social”. This has been implemented to share your own URL instead of the default link to

Navigation bars

The concept of the new navigation bar is to lead readers through stories by chapters. In contrast to common navigation bars, the chapter of the main plot is always visible. This might be a helpful orientation for stories with multiple storylines as well.


You can choose if its position is fixed or pops out when users hover close to it. Besides this new bar, we developed a horizontal version of the already existing “progress bar” navigation, as you can see below.


Player Controls

We designed a new set of player controls featuring a minimalistic style. The play buttons appear consistently on the bottom left, which makes controlling the interactive elements even more intuitive. The new Infoboxes complete a whole new Pageflow look and feel.


Text on video elements reappear only, when a user pauses the video. To keep a text working as an Intro, be sure to deactivate “auto play” function via “Options.”


Check out the new features under “Title & Options”.

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