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January 24th, 2024

🗞️ News Roundup

2024 | NO.1

Welcome to the first Pageflow News Roundup of 2024! We are excited to share with you the developments of the past weeks and months.

Infuse fresh energy into your web stories: With improved image quality and transparency thanks to WebP, dynamic scroll effects, and new ways to present and protect your content.

January 15th, 2024

Pageflow Next | WebP Support 🌐

Pageflow now automatically processes your images as WebP, a modern web format perfectly suited for digital storytelling. This format not only enhances the display of your images through reduced file sizes and faster loading times but also maintains transparency in PNGs and GIFs. This opens up new creative possibilities for crafting your stories.

Click on the iframe 👇 and scroll through our demo to see some WebP files with transparency in action!

January 11th, 2024

Pageflow Next | New Scroll Dynamics 🖱️

Discover three new scroll effects that will make your digital stories even more visually appealing: Auto-Zoom, Scroll Parallax, and Standalone Position. Each of these effects is designed to add an extra visual dimension and interactive dynamism to your narratives.

1. Auto-Zoom 🌍🔍

The Auto-Zoom feature adds subtle dynamics to your backgrounds. By smoothly zooming into static images and videos, it brings central elements into focus, giving your stories a lively and captivating character.


2. Scroll Parallax 🌌📜

Scroll Parallax adds an enchanting depth effect to your stories. This feature creates an immersive 3D illusion as you scroll, bringing your content to life and enhancing the storytelling experience.


3. Standalone Position 📌📑

With Standalone Position, you ensure that important content stays at the center of attention. Content temporarily "sticks" in the middle of the screen while scrolling before being pushed aside by subsequent elements, ensuring continuous presence.


December 31st, 2023

Pageflow Next | Updated Rights Options ©️

Pageflow now simplifies rights management. You can display rights information with a credits icon or text at the element, including links, directly with media files, enhancing transparency and ease of use. Learn more in this 👉 FAQ article.


December 11th, 2023

noindex Publishing | Exclude from Search Engines 🕵️‍♂️

With the 'noindex' feature, you can make your stories accessible online without being indexed by search engines. This feature gives you more control over the visibility of your content.

November 2nd, 2023

Pageflow Next | Enriched ‘Heading’ Element ✨

Craft compelling story openings with our new ‘Heading’ features, now with taglines and subtitles for additional context and depth. Plus, add a sequential fade-in effect at your chosen speed—slow, medium, or fast. Watch our short video to see it in action!


October 23rd, 2023

Pageflow Next | Portrait Inline Videos 🎬

Embrace the mobile-first world with portrait inline videos by selecting an alternative vertical version for your inline videos! Make optimal use of screen space on every platform and deliver content that's perfectly suited for smartphone users.

September 27th, 2023

Pageflow Next | Insert and Duplicate Sections ➕

Sections in the outline now come with a handy menu button that offers additional actions. Want to clone a section? Easily duplicate it with all its settings and content. Plus, you can now add blank sections right where you want them.


September 27th, 2023

Pageflow Next | Transition Effects in Outline 🔀

In the outline you can now see at a glance which transition effects are set between sections. Click on one to select a different transition effect.


Alternatively, you can still use the "Edit section transition" button, which is displayed in the preview as soon as a section is selected: