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Pageflow is an award-winning visual storytelling software and publishing platform for digital journalists, developed in cooperation with the German broadcasting corporation WDR. The open source tool was introduced at re:publica festival 2014 in Berlin and has already been applied for thousands of impressive web stories worldwide. In the meantime, Pageflow is increasingly used as a platform for brand publishing and content marketing. Assumable because it’s super easy to use and awesomely responsive.

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Pageflow lets you craft interactive multimedia stories by merging text with images, audio, interviews, 360 videos, charts, maps, background videos, maps, links & more.


Adapts to any screen size, device, operating system and network situation, to support a mobile-friendly performance & fluent user experience cross-platform.


Editorial teams can easily be organized by an integrated user management. Admins can simply assign editor roles and access rights for every invited account member.


The system was launched and released in 2014 as an open source storytelling platform under MIT license. Anyone can use the source code to setup own instances.


Storytelling with Pageflow

Digital Journalism

Cover historical events, like the German broadcaster HR does. In this case for a better understanding of Apollo 11 mission.

Brand Publishing

Create branded content, just as Diehl Aviation does. In this case to portrait the people behind the company’s success.

Science Reports

Present your scientific results, like the Crowther Lab does. In this case for a look at the influence of trees on the climate.



Choose the best medium for each page

»Every part of a digital story yearns for a particular medium. That's why Pageflow provides you with a concept of page types and features.«


Editing & Publishing
The easy to use content management system lets you build stories with a few clicks. Register for a free trial, choose an account name and create a new entry. Add chapters & pages, choose from page types, apply a variety of built-in features and upload your media. Meanwhile add your text and adjust your image details for mobile readers.  When ready choose a plan and click on publish to share your story, that’s it.

The tool’s integrated media management allows you to simply drag ´n drop in all kinds of formats at once. Any common image, audio & video format is welcome. Following the upload all files will automatically be transcoded into different sizes & output formats.

Just embed your branded stories via iframe beyond the header section of your own page to let readers remain in the look and feel of your space. Use CSS to define the size and behaviour of your iframe for a fully responsive embed. Own domain name usage is included starting from “Flex”.

Branding & Hosting

Starting from the Run plan, you can upload a logo and determine your color scheme to generally match your brands style. These settings will be applied to all stories in your account. The editor’s “Title & Options” tab gives you access to generate individual loading indicators and to choose from font templates, navigation bars and more.

If you’re planning to use Pageflow on a larger scale for your organization please get in touch with us for customized themes that might e.g. use your own font or individual loading indicators and contain further adjustments, tracking pixel and more.

Hosted Pageflow plans are based on traffic volume, the number of included user accounts and amount of special features. Plans can easily be up- or downgraded. For instance when a higher included data volume or more user accounts are needed for a certain period.

Performance & Analytics
All media files are stored on our servers in the Amazon cloud (AWS). Your stories will be built and hosted on our production system. Based on a user’s location your stories are delivered by our CDNs wether in USA, Europe or Asia.

Pageflow contains an integrated media management to provide users with the best possible performance depending on device, location and current network situation. All media files are automatically processed into different qualities and output formats to enable an adaptive and fluent performance, even on the run.

Pageflow provides you with a basic integration of Google Analytics allowing you to track page impressions and sessions per story. For more precise analytics tracking pixel adapters can be implemented starting from the Pro plan. Already existing services are: ATInternet, Comscore, etracker, Google Tag Manager, Matomo,, Siteimprove, Webtrekk, Wiredminds.

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